As many of you know, we will begin testing for AZMerit on Monday with writing. This weekend, we decided as a grade level to give students some time to relax before the test; therefore, their only assignment was in math. Please feel free to help your child prepare this weekend. The test will either include an informational, narrative, or opinion text and will then ask them to write about it. We are highly encouraging students to use a graphic organizer (brainstorming map), rough draft, and final copy before they type. We will not be allowed to assist students typing; therefore, if you could continue to reiterate typing skills this weekend that would be wonderful.
Make sure students have a good breakfast Monday morningas we will begin testing at 8:15. With that time in mind, please make sure your child is at school on time. If any parents would like to bring snacks for after the test you are welcome to do so. 
For more information on what the writing test will look like please visit the following:


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