Week of February 26th

Dear Parents,
We are getting closer to Spring Break!  Only two more weeks before we all get a nice rest.  
Due to time constraints, the Third Grade Team has decided we will not be able to have presentations or visual aids for the book report project. If your scholar has already begun working on a visual aid, or you have already purchased supplies, feel free to continue the visual aide. We can offer bonus points to those students who want to complete a visual aide.
Archway Athletic Olympic Field Day will be held on Thursday, March 8.   Kdg-2nd  8:25 am-11:10 am and 3rd-5th   12:00 noon-2:45 pm
Students must pack a lunch for school that day as hot lunch will NOT be offered. Students will also be permitted to wear athletic clothing to school that day. Just as Archway provides guidelines for dress code in the classroom, it is important to project the image in our athletic attire also. Please refer to the Family Handbook for guidelines.
Each class has a team color and name (based on ancient Greece and surrounding city-states), so students are encouraged to wear their class colors to represent their section. As always we are looking for volunteers to help organize and facilitate the athletic events. PSO  is handling this with a sign-up list.
Please email Coach H with any questions or concerns:  bhorewitch@archwaylincoln.org
This week in math we will be completing our unit about measurement.  This unit has comprised of both the Metric System and US Customary (Or Imperial).  We will have a unit assessment on Friday of this week.  Students will be assigned Review pages throughout the week and we will also be reviewing all of the concepts in class.  
Literature and Writing
In Literature, we will be continuing to read The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.  There will be a quiz on Monday over the chapters we read this week (9 – 12).   In Writing, we will be working on writing compound sentences using conjunctions.  Students will learn the acronym FANBOYS (for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so) to remember common conjunctions.
In Science, we will begin our Physics of Sound unit.  This unit has some excellent hands-on activities.  
In History, we continue to learn about The Earliest Americans.  This week, we will explore The Mound People


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