Dear 3rd Grade Parents:
This week we have our Poem Recitation (Dream Variations).
Great Hearts Day: In February, we have our Great Hearts Day celebration coming up on February 14th. At Great Hearts, we do not have a Valentine’s Day celebration. Instead, we choose to celebrate the virtues that are the foundation for our core beliefs. We will be celebrating friendship in our classroom. The following are some reminders:
We will have a celebration in the classroom that will last approximately an hour.
We do not allow distribution of “Valentines.” Please do not send Valentines with your student to school.
Please contact the Classroom Parents for your classroom if you have questions about the celebration in your classroom. We will be having individual celebrations for this event, so the details may vary from classroom to classroom.
A Look at this Week:
ELA: Literature: We will focus on literal vs nonliteral language usage.
Grammar: We will continue focusing on sentence diagramming with nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs.
We will have a Vocabulary Quick Check on Monday.
Math: In Maths this week we will continue exploring measurement. This week we switch to US. Customary Measurement and add Inches, Yards and Feet. There will be a quick check assessment on Friday.
History: In History we will continue our unit on Vikings.
Science: In science we will continue to explore our eyes and vision, learning about the eye and the brain work together.
The 3rd Grade Team


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