Dear 3rd Grade Parents:
            Welcome back after our long weekend – we have an abbreviated Spalding load this week, with 10 words each  Tue/Wed, with the usual pre-test Thursday and actual test Friday.  Here is a look at the curriculum for this week:

Rome Project:
Presentations are completed – your student should have taken home their project – they will be receiving their graded rubric and essays back in their take-home folders within the next week, along with the notes they took whilst their fellow-students were presenting.  Hopefully they learned a little from each presentation they witnessed.
A Look at this Week:
ELA: Literature: We will focus on character traits as we continue reading our Wind in the Willows story.  In grammar, we will use sentence diagramming to focus on parts of speech (nouns and verbs).  In writing we will be practicing organizing our thoughts in preparation for writing a paragraph, focusing on the structure of paragraphs.  Our Vocab Quiz will be given on our first day back (Tuesday, 1/16).  We will go back to administering the Vocab Quiz on Mondays next week.
Math: In Maths this week we will begin exploring measurement, beginning with the metric system.  During this unit, there will be a mini assessment every Friday.
History: In History we will begin our unit on Vikings, beginning with general facts about the Viking Age, and the pressures that drove Nordic peoples to raiding and occupying new lands.
Science: In science we will continue to explore our eyes and vision, learning about the parts of the eye and how we see.
Extra Credit:
Over winter break, some students brought home an extra credit packet that was provided on the last day of school.  Please take note: This is not required. The packet will be due anytime during 3rd quarter. Please let us know if you have any questions.
Have a great (short) week!
The 3rd Grade Team


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