Dear 3rd Grade Parents:
            Welcome back to school!  We are anticipating that teachers, students, and especially parents, are ready for a return to some semblance of a routine! 
On that note…. Please note that next Monday, January 15th, is a Federal Holiday observing Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Civil Rights he strove to achieve for this country.
We hope you have had a restful and fulfilling Holiday Season, and wish all the Happiest of New Years!  Here is information for the week of 1/8-1-1/12 2018:

Rome Project:
Presentations for our Rome Project begin on Monday and will continue Tuesday and Wednesday, with probable (but not guaranteed) completion by end of day Wednesday.  Hopefully your scholars are ready to present – we look forward to seeing the fruition of all the hard work!

Parent Teacher Conferences:
Hopefully we have had an opportunity to touch base with all our Parental Units – if we missed you for any reason, please do be in touch so that we may get your conference scheduled – we aim to see all our students’ parents/guardians during this period.

A Look at this Week:
ELA: We will continue working on Wind in the Willows.  There will be no Spalding this week, but we will be tackling our usual load of 5 new vocabulary words to be tested next week (on Tuesday rather than Monday, due to the holiday next week).  We will also be reviewing parts of speech, and preparing to start our next book, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, which we will start at the beginning of February.  If you have not yet procured your student with a copy, please do so by the end of this month.
Math: This week in Math we will be reviewing multiplication and division, focusing on multiplying by 8s and 9s.  Reviewing Math Facts is highly recommended for all students – Rocket Math has an IOS app for practicing math facts, and flash cards are widely available online for printing (or even better, easily homemade!)
History: We will use some of our history time this week to present our Rome Projects, and finish the week with a lesson on Archeology.
Science: In science we will be exploring the relationship between our nervous system and our senses, focusing on vision and the eye.

Extra Credit:
Over winter break, some students brought home an extra credit packet that was provided on the last day of school.  Please take note: This is not required. The packet will be due anytime during 3rd quarter. Please let us know if you have any questions.
Have a wonderful week!
The 3rd Grade Team


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