Week of September 11, 2017

Progress reports will be coming out on Monday.  If your child does not bring one home, there is no need to be concerned.  If you feel your child has been struggling and did not bring home a report, please contact us.  We will be emailing the reports as well as sending a hard copy home with your scholar. 

English Language Arts
Literature: We will continue working with character traits.  Please use the reading log in accordance with this skill.  You will find the expectations on the cover page of the reading log that was sent home on Friday.  The cover page shows examples of how each particular day should look.  All work should be written on the actual reading log.
Writing: We continue with WA: 1 this week.  We will be learning about how to revise a rough draft.
Grammar: Reviewing for test on Friday.  Please complete study guide, which will go home on Monday,  with your child.  We will go over the answers in class on Thursday.  

In history, we will be continuing our exploration of the rivers of the world.  This week, we learn about how rivers affect wildlife and how rapids and waterfalls affect river travel.

This week in Math we will be continuing with your exploration of bar models by applying them to word problems.  We will also be revisiting the addition and subtraction standard algorithm, adding the thousands place to our vertical calculation skills.


This week we will continue our exploration of animal classification focusing on mammals. 


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