Week of August 7th, 2017

Thank you so much for helping to make the first day of school a smooth transition from summer break.  The 3rd Grade Team had a blast on the first day of school with all our scholars.  We are sure that this will be filled with learning and laughter.

Please be sure to read the Headmaster Updates each week.  They always have important information about upcoming events.  This week featured information about drop off and pick up.  If you are not receiving the Headmaster Updates, please contact Richele Petersen (rpetersen@archwaylincoln.org).

Students should have brought home their agendas home.  If the agenda was not brought home, please contact me so I can make sure it makes it in their backpack on Monday. On Monday, I will be sending an email to you if I have not received the paperwork handed out on Meet the Teacher. We need them for our records as soon as possible.

Snack is in the classroom; therefore, please make sure your child brings a nut free snack as our classroom is nut free. Also, please remember to send a note in with your student if there is any reason they should be excluded from outdoor recess.

Literature: we will begin reading Pinocchio.  As we read, we will be practicing the skill of asking and answering questions.  For this first week, we will be reading up through chapter three of Pinocchio. We will not be doing a reading log this year, but please expect literature homework every night! Every Friday we will be having an assessment on the skill taught that week. 

Grammar: we will be reviewing parts of speech.

Writing: we begin with the writing traits of ideas and organization.  We will also be looking at the writing process and what makes a paragraph.

Spalding: we will be introducing how a Spalding lesson works, including: the scholarly position, correct pencil grip, reviewing manuscript writing and introducing cursive writing. We will start the Ayers list for spelling words the week of August 21st. 

History: we will be brushing up on our map skills.  Students should be able to find information on a map by the end of the week.

Math: we will begin Singapore math with relating 4-digit numbers, place value, comparing numbers within 10,000, number patterns and rounding to the nearest 10.  Rounding has traditionally been a tricky topic for third graders.  One way to support your scholar would be to ask them to round numbers to the nearest ten.  For example, while in the car you could ask "What is 47 rounded to the nearest ten?"  Rounding will begin on Friday of this week.

Science: we are starting the year with Animal Classification.  We will be discussing how we classify organisms and learning about taxonomy.  For taxonomy, we like to use a mnemonic device to aid in remembering the different levels:  King Philip Came Over For Good Spaghetti = Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species.

Please email me if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. 


Mrs. Lew


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