Week of August 28th, 2017

There may again be some indoor recess days this week, due to the excessive heat.  We continue to encourage students to take their water bottle when we go outside. 

Students should be reciting the poem “Eletelephony” from memory in class on Tuesday.

My tutoring hours are Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 3:45-4:15. Tutoring is by invitation only and is skill based.  For example, if your scholar struggled with concepts on the math test, I will be inviting you to bring them to tutoring during the next two weeks.  If you have concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

English Language Arts

Spalding: Continuing Ayers list section N

Grammar: Focusing on parts of speech and classifying sentences.

Writing: We will be creating descriptive paragraphs using transition words and complete sentences with power words.

Literature: Emphasis on Cause and Effect, with an assessment on Friday. Tuesday, students will be reciting “Eletelephony” for the class.


In history, we will continue our study of world rivers.  This week we learn about the source and mouth of rivers as well as what dangers are faced along rivers.


This week in math, we will begin working on our mental math strategies for adding and subtracting.


This week we will continue our exploration of animal classification--discovering the difference between vertebrates and invertebrates and warm- and cold-blooded animals.


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