Week of January 7th,
Dear Parents,
Welcome back! We have enjoyed meeting with some of you to talk about your child’s progress this year. We will continue conferences this week!
Rome projects are due tomorrow 1/7 and will continue till Friday 1/11. We ask that all students bring in their materials tomorrow.
Literature: We will begin introducing The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe this week.
Spalding: We will continue to enter words into our Spalding notebooks and practice phonograms and handwriting. Please continue to ensure quality work on homework. Practicing the spelling words outside of written homework time is also beneficial for students’ preparation for weekly tests.
Math: We will begin our unit on fractions (we will not be going in order in the next units). Please note we will be collecting the 3A math workbooks and textbooks and will be passing out the 3B workbooks and textbooks this week.
History: We will be having our Roman Presentations for Project Week. Please make …
Week of December 10th,
Dear Parents,
This coming week will be the last full week of the quarter (and the year!).  On Tuesday, we will be sending home the black folders with graded work - please sign and send back any tests in the folders.   The rough drafts or the Roman Project essays were due this past Friday.  They will be returned to your student for edits, and the final draft is due Tuesday, December 18th (PLEASE NOTE - this is different from the original due date for Friday, December 14th).  Please be in touch with your child’s teacher should you have any questions. Our Roman celebrations will be held on December 18th, from around 10:00  to 12:00. This is a highlight of the year for the students - please be in touch with your class liaisons with any questions, and be on the lookout for sign up opportunities.  We will need materials as well as volunteers, so there are options for all to participate in any way preferred.
Literature: This week we will be working on decipherin…
Week of December 3rd,
Dear Parents,
The Roman Project is beginning to near its conclusion.  The rough draft will be due next Friday. It is a good idea to be thinking about visual aids before winter break.  Remember, visual aids must be created by the student, not purchased. For example, please don’t purchase a 3D puzzle of a monument as that would not be considered student made.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your student’s teacher.
Curriculum this week:
Literature: This week we will be learning how to distinguish an opinion from a fact, and determine which genres of literature are more likely to contain facts or opinions.  We will also continue to read our current read-aloud, Little House on the Prairie
Spalding:  We will continue to enter words into our Spalding notebooks and practice phonograms and handwriting. Please continue to ensure quality work on homework. Practicing the spelling words outside of written homework time is also beneficial for students’ prep…
Greetings Families,
We hope you enjoyed the Thanksgiving Holiday with your family! Hard to believe how fast the year is moving!
Performance notices were sent home on Monday of last week. Please make sure to sign and return them if you have received the notice. As a reminder performance notices were only sent out if your child is receiving a D or below. Please let us know if you have any questions.
Black folders were sent home on Tuesday. Please make sure to sign and return all tests in the black folder.
Classroom needs: Our classroom has some supply needs. If you can help us out with any of the following we would greatly appreciate it! fine point dry erase markerstissuesred marking pencils

This Week:
Grammar: This week we will delve deeper into dependent and independent clauses and work toward composing compound sentences. We will also continue to focus on classifying sentences in order to understand parts of speech and sentence construction.
Spalding: We will continue entering words into…
Thanksgiving Week

On Monday and Tuesday of this week, we will begin having conferences with the students to guide them on their Rome project.  If you have had a chance to pick up some resources and they are portable, please send them with your student. There will be more days before the paper is due that we will be giving time in class.
This is a very short week.  We are only in session Monday and Tuesday.  The rest of the week is Thanksgiving vacation and R&R.  There will be no homework on the long weekend.

Curriculum this week
Literature: This week we will finish up our practice in the skill of sequencing with a short quiz on Tuesday.  We will also take some time to consider things we are thankful for.
Grammar: We will continue to look at how conjunctions are used in sentences by joining two phrases together.
Spalding: This week we will review some of the more difficult words from the past month. There will be 10 words given  for Monday and a short review test on Tuesday.
Week of November 13th  
Dear Parents,
We all hope you had a relaxing, enjoyable weekend with your families. While we look forward to this short week of school, we are aware that concert week often feels busy and hectic. Please see the note below for information that will help you plan for that evening.
3-5 Concert Logistics Thursday, November 15th Students arrive at 6:30 p.m. and check in to designated areas. There will be staff members in the lobby with signs to assist the students in reporting to their appropriate locations. Pick up Locations: 3rd Graders  Little Theatre 4th Graders  Picnic Table Area Outside 5th Graders  Stage Note to Families with Multiple Students:
Week of November 5th
Dear Parents,
As the winter holidays approach we realize that every family has its own traditions and beliefs.  If your child does not still believe in the “Elf on a Shelf” or “Santa Claus,” please gently ask them to help keep the secret for those who do.  As teachers, we always want to protect individual beliefs and that little bit of magic at this time of year.
This is also the time of year when upper respiratory maladies spread around the school like wildfire.  Please feel free to send a travel tissue pack with your student to keep in their desk if they are suffering.  If your child has a sore throat, please email the teacher and we will be happy to let them keep their water bottle at their desk.  
Black folders will be going home on Tuesday this week.
A Look at this week:
Grammar: This week in Grammar we will be learning about conjunctions. We will look at how conjunctions are used in compound subjects and compound predicates this week in preparation for studyin…